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October 31 2017




Feed a person vampire blood, you get a ghoul. Feed an animal vampire blood, you get a hellhound. Water a plant in vampire blood, you get a mandrake.

Fill up your car with vampire blood? Probably good things, let’s try it.




My Samara Morgan costume is a hit. >:D

October 30 2017

no, no, no, *dwarves* are art deco; elves are art noveau.

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one of some very clear comparisons from the Splendid Northwest wordpress

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The House just passed HR36 aka the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a law that would ban abortion after 20 weeks nationwide and punish those who perform them after that point with up to five years in prison.

Contact your senators and demand that they vote NO to eroding what’s left of our right to control our own bodies and reproductive fates.

Contact your representatives and give them a piece of your mind.

Text RESIST to 50409.

Call the U.S. Senate Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Call the U.S. House of Representative Switchboard at (202)225-3121. 

Most abortions done after four months often mean that the fetus is non-viable. It’s usually a medical emergency which means either there is a health issue for the child or the mother. if you keep a dead or dying fetus inside of you, you may die too. please call your senator.


My body my choice. Tell your senate and your house to stop trying to police the bodies of women.

while i agree that law is shitty and y'all need to fight to change it if u can (Cant help sorry, in canada) They seriously can’t be that bad that they’d punish you for a medical reasons? Like as stated above keeping a dying fetus in you can kill you, so im sure they gotta have acceptations for cases like that

Please tell me the states isnt gone /that far/

They’re punishing the doctors.

And “exceptions for rape, incest, etc.” does not mean that those people will be safe.

There are lots of pro-lifers who have no intention of stopping there.

They have and will pass laws that will make it more difficult to report a rape, which would be required to be covered under that exception. It’s already legal in a couple of states for a rapist to sue for custody of a child conceived by rape. On top of that, it would force a person already traumatized by a rape experience to disclose that experience to people who hold massive amounts of power over how their lives will go for the foreseeable future. People who may not be sympathetic, who may blame them, or not believe them.

That, by itself, is an intensely humiliating experience for anyone to go through. It can make a victim feel as though they’re the one confessing to a crime. Many people will avoid getting an abortion just to avoid potentially being retraumatized in that way.

As for the medical exception, it would require that medical professionals break doctor-patient confidentiality and submit a person’s medical records to the government. Under Roe v. Wade, neither doctor nor patient are criminals and thus would have their rights to due process violated.

What is medically necessary is also up to the particular doctor. Not every doctor is going to understand medical necessity like their patients do. For example, a person with severe depression who would be at risk for suicide if they stayed pregnant would have a medical need…but their doctor may not believe depression is a legitimate reason.

“Just find another doctor” isn’t an answer either. Here in America, we have to pay out of pocket for our health care. Not all doctors accept Medicaid. Trump just killed the requirement that employers cover birth control in their insurance. Some of us live in places where Other Doctors just aren’t accessible. There’s several states where you can only find one or two abortion clinics in the entire state. People routinely have to cross state lines to get an abortion and sit through waiting periods as long as 72 hours - and that’s the way things are now, before the bill is passed.

Like I said, they don’t plan to stop there. They’ll try to push back the date. It’s 20 weeks in this bill. They’ll try to go 16, then 12, then 10, then 8, all the way up until they can ban it altogether.

Combine that with the fact that even people who want to be pregnant are being legally shat on. Trump and his ilk are already unraveling the rug of health care under pregnant people. There is still no legally mandated paid new parenthood leave. The life of a fetus is being used as an excuse to conduct gross violations of pregnant people’s privacy, autonomy and dignity, to the point of imprisoning women for having a miscarriage.

We do not treat pregnant people as people in this country. So many institutions - church, state, capital - have designs on human life even before it begins. Even if you believe it begins at conception, you have to acknowledge that these powers have vested interest in controlling when that conception happens.

At the end of the day, the only person you always have to take care of is you. Only you are capable of knowing what you really need, and can really deal with. Everyone else - your priest, your doctor, your therapist, your partner, your parents, your political leaders, your boss - can only offer you their best guess based on what they know and believe. 

This is why there needs to be choice. People need to be able to make the best decision possible to take care of themselves. If it’s the life of the unborn you care about, support universal health care so that pregnant people can get the best care without fearing their ability to pay their bills. Support dismantling the oppressive structures of class that leave millions of children and their parents struggling to survive. Support affordable and accessible birth control and sex education beyond abstinence, both known to result in less unwanted pregnancies and, by extension, less abortions. Support LGBT adoption rights so that deserving and wanting parents might provide loving homes to unwanted children who would have otherwise spent years in the fucked up state adoption system.

On a personal note, my mother recently informed me that I would not have been conceived, let alone born, had she not been able to get an abortion before. I would literally not exist if it weren’t for abortion rights. The person going to the clinic to get an abortion now may be going there to have their monthly ultrasound later.

In the interest of life, we must have a choice.

“excluding psychological or emotional conditions”

Reblogging with expanded commentary.




It’s a pity they didn’t cast Ryan Reynolds as Jay Gatsby, since he’s both the green lantern and deadpool…

what the fuck kind of mutant ass pun bullshit is this



Johnny’s parents: where did you get that golden fiddle? where have you been all day? you what? you fucking what??

October 29 2017




Regardless of other factors, do you believe asexual people have the right to be part of this community because of their asexual identity?


Yes: 94.2%, 1838 respondents.
No: 5.8%, 113 respondents.

Regardless of other factors, do you believe aromantic people have the right to be part of this community because of their aromantic identity?


Yes: 92.2%, 1771 respondents
No: 7.8%, 149 respondents

Meaning of the letter “A” when appearing in LGBT[…]+ acronyms:

  • Asexual: 95.4% of respondents, 1936 total
  • Aromantic: 80.7% of respondents, 1639 total
  • Agender: 66.7% of respondents, 1353 total
  • Ally: 13.9% of respondents, 282 total.

I’m just posting this here for my aces and aros who are feeling down on themselves and defeated tonight. Remember that nine out of ten people support you and that the current loudest voices are not those of the majority.

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Witchy Susy and Amour

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held my breath the entire gif

First reaction: Holy shit

Second (fan-ly) reaction: …now I need to write Dick Grayson teaching Duke Thomas some moves, and Duke taking to gymnastics incredibly, ridiculously well.

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Jay Garrick: Don’t tempt fate.
Alan Scott: Couldn’t. Kent Nelson’s as principled as they come.
Jay Garrick: Clever.
Alan Scott: I thought so.

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Adorable Leaf Bags by Gabrielle Moldovanyi

Budapest-based boutique Leafling Bangs provides adorable and quirky bags and backpacks inspired by the shape of a leaf. Creative duo Garbiella Moldovanyi and her partner Adam designed the functional and beautiful bags, which comes in a range of colors and sizes.

Each piece is water-resistant and strong, which makes them an ideal accessory for the outdoors. Find their entire collection in their Etsy shop.

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[Image description: A tweet from Jessica Rose (@ jessylnnrose) which reads –
Imagine being the wife of one of those dudes who talks about how having a daughter finally made him realise women are people.]

October 28 2017


Reblog if you are ASEXUAL, SUPPORT ASEXUALS, or really really want to WEAR A REALLY FANCY BLACK CAPE

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Oh my god! Terry hugging Bruce! 




Who wants to hear my new conspiracy theory about lawyers

  1. Can’t legally lie, but they trade in half-truths and misleading language
  2. Obsessed with contracts
  3. Required to follow the letter (but not the spirit) of the law
  4. Really good at exploiting loopholes
  5. Range from semi-helpful to openly malevolent

Conclusion?? Faeries

October 27 2017


Dear friends and followers, please be extra spooky this Halloween...

I have to work and will get home far too late to pass out candy and give kids friendly scares. Please pick up my slack and bring the spook!

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If you’re reading this, I hope something great happens to you today.


Oh that lovely feeling when you’re in awful pain but cannot afford to call out at work!

[If any of you fuckers tries to give me advice for this, you will be blocked. No exceptions.]

<!-- more -->

I woke myself up because I moved my right leg wrong in my sleep, and the muscles in there all FREAKED OUT.  All the walking I’ve had to do because of the overtime (no direct bus after 4:30 pm, so it’s a 40 minute walk from my work to the nearest stop) or missing my bus in the morning has accumulated from this week and the previous, culminating in PAIN.

I put my topical medication on the leg, and got to feel the truly weird sensation of the muscles twitching under my fingers.  I can’t explain it, not well, but it was… not the usual sort  of spasm.  If I was lying down and I bent my knee slightly? It would continue to bend more than I intended it to – until my knee was fully bent, then it would stop hurting.

(It’s linked to my cerebral palsy – as I age, it does get harder to deal with the fallout of extended physical activity.  Therefore what I am doing is what can be done, and I do NOT need advice for this.  Hence the warning above the cut.)

I’m sitting here because lying down feels bad while my legs are being this way.  And I know that even if they calm down in the time – four hours, now – that I have before I have to leave for work, the walking is just going to hurt them more.

I swear to GOD if lazy bastards at my work haven’t signed up for next week’s overtime and end up making MORE than what I signed up for mandatory, I’m going to lose my fucking mind.


Colorism can go die in a fire too, btw














isn’t rick and morty that thing you get when you die and your body gets all stiff

No, thats rigor mortis

rick and morty is a type of tube-shaped pasta

You’re thinking of rigatoni

rick and morty is a numbering system that ranks earthquakes based on seismograph oscillations

no, youre thinking of richter scale.

rick and morty is the pixar movie about a rat who wants to learn how to cook among humans

nah, thats ratatouille

rick and morty is the rich kid from fairly odd parents 

That’s Remy Buxaplenty,

Rick and Morty is when you send somone a link or a video and “Never Give You Up” plays

you’re thinking of Rickrolling

Rick and Morty is the 1893 short story by Rudyard Kipling about a young mongoose

no, that’s Rikki Tikki Tavi…

Rick and Morty is a Latin-American pop star best known for “Livin’ La Vida Loca”

No, that’s Ricky Martin.

Rick and Morty is the packaged rice mix that comes in different flavors and is called “the San Francisco treat”.

No, that’s Rice a Roni

Rick and Morty is the term for a lengthy and complicated procedure

No, that’s a rigamarole.

Rick and Morty is a two or three-wheeled passenger cart.

No, that’s a rickshaw.

Rick and Morty is a symbolic reminder of mortality used in art.

No, that’s a memento mori.

Rick and Morty is a moving mechanical  model of the solar system.

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